Discord Nitro Token Checker/Sorter
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Discord Nitro Token Checker/Sorter
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Discord Nitro Token Checker and Sorter

This is not the source code. You will receive a .exe and a key which is HWID locked. HWID resets can be purchased here for 1$.

  • Checks all tokens for ones with nitro
  • Sorts them by how much time is left and the type of nitro
  • Advanced sorting in different ways
  • Undetected, made in Golang
  • Very fast, thousands in seconds
  • Proxyless mode or proxies (Proxyless works fine if most tokens are valid)
  • Only works on Windows

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Product Specific Terms: Tools

  • The seller is not responsible for how the tools are used.
  • Sharing product files will revoke your license without a refund.
  • Attempting to crack the tool will also revoke your license without a refund.
  • Each license is locked to a specific hardware device (HWID)
  • Unlocking a license for another HWID requires a paid upgrade.
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